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Sunanda's Performing Arts Center (SPARC) aims to provide lessons in pure Indian classical dance forms.  India is known for its artistic and cultural heritage, and SPARC intends to carry forward this heritage by imparting training and through depiction of the various dance forms. 

SPARC is now in its 5th year of operation in the USA.  At SPARC, the rich tradition of Indian Classical Dance is safely preserved, which will be evident to the performer and the viewer, who experience the liberation and growth of righteousness as man, by manifesting the glory of God.  Indian dance culture has been influenced by temple traditions and thematically depends on the rich mythological tales of the Hindus. Today, Indian dance forms have captured the global attention in all the cultural vistas of the world.

Started as Srutilaya Institute of Fine Arts in 1980 in Bombay by the internationally recognized danseuse Sunanda Nair when she was still in High School, the institution has blossomed into a renowned institution. The phenomenal strides achieved in these past twenty-six years is testimony to the selfless efforts in teaching the art in its purest form and dedication of the teacher in inculcating the best in the disciple, with sincerity and integrity.

Today, Sunanda's Performing Arts Center is on the threshold of a new phase in its growth, being designed as not merely a dance school but an institute that imparts a comprehensive arts education. Plans are under way to include classes in Vocal and Instrumental.

It is our dream and vision to make Sunanda's Performing Arts Center one of the strongest cultural institutions in the country.



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