Sunanda Nair on the Art of Learning and Teaching Mohiniyattam (Interview)
Sunanda Nair’s life around dance came to a standstill several times. She was able to find her feet back to it, every single time.
- Sanjitha Rao Chaini,, 15 Dec 2021

Mohiniyattam’s moment of reckoning
Dr. Sunanda Nair, an accomplished dancer and the disciple of Dr. Rele, says that Mohiniyattam needs to shift "focus from the physical exquisiteness of the margam to the creation of a repertoire that testifies the tenets of classicism." The dancers, she says, have worked hard for the flawless execution of the adavus, for fine-tuning body kinetics, and to ensure composure and grace. "I have been endeavouring to achieve this over decades. The wisdom or endurance to immerse oneself into the content and the craft is giving way to exhibitionism. Such tendencies will not help."
- V. Kaladharan, The Hindu, Nov 25, 2021


(In Malayalam, Sep 10, 2022) - Read the review

(In Malayalam, Sep 10, 2022) - Read the review

(In Malayalam, Sep 10, 2022) - Read the review

Arpanam Festival (Episodes 4-8) - An online ocean of art
With presentations galore from artistes extraordinaire, the Founder and Artistic Director of Sunanda's Performing Arts Center (SPARC), Dr. Sunanda Nair continued to provide a platform for art and artistes to traverse borders virtually.
- Suja Pillai, more

Dr. Sunanda Nair (Profile)

She follows another style in Mohiniattam which is popularly known as 'Nalanda Bani'. She is celebrated as a global ambassador of Mohiniattam by many in the media, for her contributions in taking the dance form across the globe.
- S.K. Venugopal, more

Arpanam: Rare Online Indian Classical Dance Series
All credits go to classical dancer Dr Sunanda Nair, the founder and artistic director of Shrutilaya Institute of Fine Arts in Mumbai and also of the US-based Sunanda’s Performing Arts Center. Beamed through her popular online channel, 'Arpanam' did fulfil its literal meaning: "offering" - IAR Desk (India Art Review)

Hosted by Dr. Sunanda Nair, Vachika aims to connect Indian scholars, critics and artists with dance rasikas and students - Vinitha Rajan, the review

A journey in Mohiniattam
Amazing depiction of Karthyani Devi by Sunanda Nair was followed by the straight from heart conversation. - Venugopal S.K, the review

Six Mohiniyattam Dancers on the Past, Present and Future of the Art
The globalisation of Mohiniyattam, to Sunanda, began with the study of body movements at the world level. - IAR Desk (India Art Review)

Mohiniyattam gives 'womanhood' a sturdy platform
"Studying dance has given me a way to express and celebrate womanhood, something I take pride in deeply. I bring out her strengths and weaknesses in a comprehensive narration," says the dancer, admitting these ideas were planted by her guru. - Ayesha Singh, The New Indian Express...Read the review

Sunanda Nair shows the essence of the 'Nalanda Bani'
Sunanda's Mohiniyattom recital was absorbing artistically, and interesting academically. - Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu

Documentary Film "Laasyam, The World of Sunanda Nair" selected to International Film Festivals
Laasyam was one of the 21 films in India chosen from different languages in Indian Panorama. - Jayashankar Menon, The Indian News

(In Malayalam, Dec 27, 2018) -

(In Malayalam, Sep 17, 2018) -

(In Malayalam, Jun 18, 2017) -

Stunning choreographic moments
Each piece had been crafted with finely nuanced movements and expressions, nothing overdone, but enough to tug at your heartstrings. - Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu

All about strong narratives
The dancer's expressions were always on target - Rupa Srikanth, The Hindu

A captivating performance by Sunanda Nair
She emulates the fiery splendor of India’s culture, and the unparalleled graceful expression of devotion to God through the arts. - Rita Winters, the review

This evening really belonged to Miss Nair
Gifted with an attractive demeanour,eminently suited for the graceful Mohiniattam style in which circular movements in the balletic form brings sinous grace to the fore. The deep bends, the circular and semi-circular gyrations, that she invested her padam with, revealed her intense mimetic potentialities - Subbudu Mama, Sunday Statesman

Mesmerising Mohiniyattam
Sunanda used mudras extensively in delineating these nayika themes. And the presentation being in slow motion the audience could enjoy her demonstrative presentation - Gudipoodi Srihari, The Hindu

Lasya unlimited
Her meticulous facial expressions, especially the netrabhinaya, are an admirable influence from Kathakali while the agility in executing the footsteps with such rhythmic precision is the outcome of her affinity with Bharatanatyam. Sunanda's undulating torso movements accompanied by the musical rendition akin to the Kerala temple tradition of singing and playing bear the influence of Kavalam's creative encounters with the Mohiniyattam repertoire of Rele. - V. Kaladharan, The Hindu

Bringing legends to life
Sunanda has an innate artistry and is spontaneously innovative. The eight moods alternately exuded from her face with telling effect, the gestures were eloquent. It was the ekaharya of a gifted artiste - N.Hariharan, The Times Of India

Mohini Attam's new enchantress
Sunanda Nair, lissome, tall, graceful and beautiful, is adept at the gentle flowing movements of Mohini Attam as well as its rythms. There is no denying the fact that Sunanda Nair is Mohini Attam's Future. - Arshiya Sethi, The Times of India, Delhi

A dancer made for Mohiniattam
Sunanda Nair impressed at once by showing her good training under Dr. Kanak Rele and her stunning stage presence. Mohini Attam and Sunanda are made for each other. - Subbudu Mama, Sunday Statesman

A revelation with her dancing characterised by expressive movements which are a delightful aesthetic treat - Subbudu Mama

The Mohini herself
Sunanda brought to the fore the distinctive undualating style of her distinguished guru. Her lovely face and large eyes prove to be the ideal vehicles for the projection of Mohini, the enchantress, who has come to enchant - C.M.Rana, Evening News

A Star is born
Sunanda Nair is an incomparable Mohini Attam dancer. It is as if Sunanda Nair was born to put Mohini Attam on a firm footing with the other schools of classical dance. All the best talent of the past has been garnered and placed in the person of Sunanda Nair. - Hima Devi

She has reached such a point of professional grace, and her body sways and twists with such skill that it becomes obvious her power and control is miraculous. And the body has been turned by the magic hand of hard-work and talent into an instrument of incomparable ability and beauty - Hima Devi

Enthralling recital
Sunanda Nair provided an auspicious beginning to the Utsav. She can be rightly described as the prima ballerina among the Mohini Attam dancers today. - G.S.Paul

Stamp of Individuality
Here, the danseuse imparted a stamp of her individuality to all her movements. The contrasting emotions that her face delineated, were eloquent enough to demonstrate her virtuosity in abhinaya. The shishya herself proved her deftness in choreography. The number was specially noteworthy for the effective utilization of space on the stage for an unusually large number of performers. - G.S.Paul

Magnificient Obsession
Stage personality of a dancer has a special mention even in Natya shastra. It is one of the important prerequisites for a dancer particularly when dancing is an art to entertain and enlighten. Sunanda fulfills the requisite abundantly and that is one of her greatest and lasting natural assets. - M.R.Dinesh

Restless gypsy feet
Sunanda went through her novel repertoire, polished by her striking looks and graceful movements, the audience was charmed into a trance. - V.V.Prasad

Sunanda Nair, an excellent classical dancer in her own right was transformed into a prima ballerina. No technical analysis would yield the secret of her incomparable art, the exquisiteness and elegance of her line, the lyrical grace and flow of her movement and ultimate perfection of imperishable beauty, which are the heart of her performance. - Hima Devi

Enchanting Beauty - C.P.Rajendran

Enchanting Mohini Attam by Sunanda Nair - C.P.Rajendran

Sharp sense of rhythm
Sunanda Nair is endowed with immense histrionic talent identifiying herself totally with the character she portrays. - N.Hariharan

Brilliant future
Sunanda leaves a fine impression wherever she performs. She dances with professional expertise and spontaneity that is marked by elegance, which is one of the main characteristic of Mohini Attam. - Vijay Shankar

Sunanda has marked control over histrionics and she is able to transit fluently from one emotion to another. - Prakruti Kashyap

One Fluent Flow Of Grace
Sunanda Nair has reached a certain degree of perfection which carries her audience into a state of Ananda. Tall and slim she has acquired a rare state of grace and skill, and her abhinaya is nothing short of superb. - Hima Devi

Skill and grace in Sunanda Nair's Mohini Attam
Sunanda at the peak of her dancing powers interpreted her orchestral support of experts, with an excellence rare to find in Mohini Attam. Her abhinaya takes on a natural everyday interpretation which is easily understood. - Hima Devi

Exploiting lasya bhava to the hilt. - Scorpio

Dance of abandon
Sunanda's exquisite grace, sense of rhythm and lyrically expressive gestures were very much in evidence when she presented a full-length Mohini Attam recital at the India International Centre, NewDelhi. - C.M.Rana

Sunanda's Mohini Attam recital engrossing
Sunanda impressed one with her lissome figure, authentic costume and make-up and poise in presentation from the start. Liquidity in movements, steps tuned to the music, and powerful netra bhava (her eyes speak rasa) all combined to make her performance one of lingering appeal.- N.Hariharan, Times Of India

Sunanda Nair has been carrying the Nalanda Dance Academy's torch for excellence. She regaled the audience with the liquid grace and fluidity of her dance. Endowed with a tall and trim figure, and a winsome face, the dancer caps these advantages with an expressional felicity which is rare. - Leela Venkatraman

Sunanda was brilliantly shaped as Kalyani, sharpened and tempered capable of stirring the soul of the elite audience. Thunderous applause after each of her episode confirms this observation. Sunanda lifted her curse clan up by her powerful dramatic traits, free and natural movements and expression as if she was born to be a Kalyani. - M.R.Dinesh, Indian Arts and World Crafts

Sunanda's mobile face is extremely communicative without recourse to any exaggeration in abhinaya. I particularly appreciated the contro in the final scene when a grief stricken Kannagi curses that Madurai be burnt. - Leela Venkatraman

Sunanda Nair playing Kalyani, is expression personified - with superb abhinaya throughout. Where Kalyani relates the mornings happenings and her desires to her mother, teaches many lessons in abhinaya. Kalyani's anguish is palpable. - Arati Kumar, Society

Kanak could not have discovered a better artiste than Sunanda Nair to live in the role of Kalyani. She was proclaimed the star of the show by the audience. - M.R.Dinesh, Indian Arts and World Crafts

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