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Kathakali is a dance drama tradition and has a highly developed and stylised mimicry. It's dramatic character is vividly reinformed by dance, music and poetry. The use of colour, costume and make-up suitable to Kathakali presents a unique show and creates an unearthly magnificient and mystical atmosphere. Kathakali is a male dominated art form with even the female roles being enacted by men because of its extreme physical demands. But of late, women have shown keen interest in Kathakali and have taken over performing female roles (stree vesham) as well as male roles.

Sunanda had her initial training in Kathakali under Kalamandalam Krishnankutty Warrier from an impressionable age and since then performed important female roles. Sunanda continues her training in Kathakali under Kalamandalam Gopalakrishnan.


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